Stephen Bahl (nedu) wrote,
Stephen Bahl


I thought I'd forgotten to write an entry for today, then I realized that it's still technically today. Getting up in the morning for a change has distorted my sense of time. So I guess I completed my first week of school. Uh, I don't know what else to say about that. I seem to be on top of things as far as that goes. But I'm definitely not used to it yet. I go to school before I would have been awake before, then I go to work and get back home and if it's Tuesday or Thursday, go t judo pretty soon. It's almost like I'm actually being productive or something. But not really. I still haven't learned much German yet, but at least I'm finally learning it (the first couple days didn't actually involve any of that). I wonder how proficient I'll be by the end of the quarter. I don't really know about these things. I don't work this weekend, but I do work next weekend. Whatever. I'll update with something that isn't completely boring tomorrow if I can think of anything...
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