Stephen Bahl (nedu) wrote,
Stephen Bahl

The post that was never to be

For quite some time, long before I made the decision to finish this journal, I had some rough ideas of entries I wanted to do before I ended the project or it sank into oblivion on its own. I wanted to post new versions of my book and movie lists, this time indicating how much things that had been on there in the past had shifted up or down. I wanted to do another lyric game entry because it sounded fun. I wanted to do a comprehensive political post of sorts. But the biggest one was a "best of" highlight of quotes. More recently, when I knew I wanted to finish this journal in the near future, I envisioned an entry that would be like "highlights from my six years on LJ" and make it my second to last entry, followed by a farewell of some sort. Yesterday, I tried to compile some highlights, quickly realizing what a monstrous undertaking it was.

I mean, I sort of anticipated it anyway, but yeah, there's no way this can happen. Some time ago, I did go back through the archives of this journal up to 2006 or so, tagging entries that I thought were best and looking for any content that I should make friends only. It's already been a while since I did that. I had wanted to go through the whole thing, but I never did. Of course, it brought back a lot of memories. But yesterday was different: my intention wasn't to limit the highlights to this journal, so I was going through my alter-egos and communities that I'd been a part of, all of which seemed pretty straightforward. And then I started on Nick's LJ. Even before I made it through the first year, I realized that there was no way I'd finish this in a timely manner. He has a lot more entries than I do. So yeah, the highlights idea is just not going to happen.

But the memories that brought back...

I mean, it was Nick's journal, not mine. But the majority of his entries were related to things I was aware of, and so I was reminded of them. He updated more about what was going on (as opposed to the drivel I usually post) than me too, so I wasn't missing as much like I would with my own journal. It all seemed so strange because some things I would remember and think, "That seems like it just happened and could not possibly have been so damn long ago" and other things would leave me thinking, "Was that really only five years ago?" An even more common thought was, "I'd forgotten all about that!"

So yeah, that's all for now. And by "now" I mean "kill you."
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