Stephen Bahl (nedu) wrote,
Stephen Bahl


Although I was trying to practice good habits as far as school goes, as soon as I got a three-day weekend, I procrastinated the crap out of it. Surprised? Me neither. So I opened up this box with a dartboard. I've had this thing for decade. Less, actually. I'm not sure how long. I got it for Christmas from some relative and I think I remember the day vaguely. I played with this kid who, if memory serves correctly, was the adopted son of my mother's cousin and anyway, years later he died from diabetic shock or some such thing. Don't know why I just now remembered about that. So anyway, I got the dartboard out and tried it for the first time ever.

It hasn't been properly set up because drilling holes into my wall and measuring and stuff would be enough work that I couldn't really justify doing it instead of the homework I was supposed to be doing. But I did lean it against the microscope on my dresser and throw darts at. I already managed to break a knock on one of the darts though. Stupid cheap darts. Everyone so far has commented that it's not far away enough, which it isn't, but whatever. My room is small. It seemed to help my sister, since I played a quick game with her and she dominated me despite missing the board repeatedly (because she'd every once in a while land on really high-scoring areas including triples on 20 twice and I seemed cursed to only hit low-scoring areas the whole time). I've been erratic enough that I still can't tell whether I'm better off trying to hit the bull's eye or trying to hit the area that scores 20. Anyway, I'd better get back to my homework, which is still plentiful.
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